An App For Adventurers


This website serves as a platform to showcase my work in my User Experience course. Throughout the duration of the semester I have been working on designing an app, Harrisonburg Hikers, to help connect college age students to various hiking locations around Harrisonburg, VA. Through researching, designing, planning, and patience I have learned what it takes to create an app with good user experience.

“Only one who wanders finds new paths.” – Norwegian Proverb

Rationale For Approach

Ever since I came to JMU I have wanted to explore its surrounding mountains. During my first year at school, I relied on clubs and organizations I joined to take me hiking. This was because freshman cannot have cars on campus. When I moved off campus I became more active in exploring various hiking spots around Harrisonburg. It surprises me how many students have yet to venture out of the “JMU bubble” and into the surrounding Shenandoah valley.

This project gave me the opportunity to learn why some people are reluctant to hike, and how I can help fix that. From personal experience, I hypothesized that most students find out about hikes through word of mouth, that most college students are beginner hikers, who hike occasionally for the social aspect, and that the biggest factors to consider when planning a hike are travel time and the trail’s level of difficulty.